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Dogsalon Bungo Hills is
A toy poodle limited grooming salon that requires a reservation only and is opened by a breeder specialized in toy poodles who knows the character and constitution of toy poodles.
Our motto is to gently and carefully trim your dog’s hair while suggesting how cute and healthy your dog will look to suit your dog’s skeleton and hair quality.
We will do it carefully while taking a break so that the dog will not be burdened as much as possible, and we will finish it with a cute cut that will make both the dog and dog owner be happy.
Please come and experience the cute style of your dog.
Please note that grooming will be closed irregularly, so please make a reservation.

Trimming Courses and Price

Please note that if there is a lot of tangles, it will be charged extra fee.
In grooming and shampooing course,
It includes nail clippers, nail files, ear cleaning, anal gland squeezing, sole clippers, feet hair cut and paws care.
The above fee is only for dogs under 5㎏.
If it is 5kg or more, it will be plus 1,000 yen.

Options and Price

Recommend Silk bubble pack

By wrapping and packaging with a non-surfactant, skin-friendly silk-based foam.Gently cleanses the skin and creates a shiny, fluffy and beautiful coat.
It is a recommended option for anti-itch due to dry skin and for toy poodles with sensitive skin.Please try it!


Reservations aalso accepted over the phone!
TEL: 090-5733-8967

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4-13-7-5F, Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo-to, Tokyo
Nearest Station:
From St.Hiroo (Hibiya Line) No.1 or No.2 Exit, it takes 7min. by walk.
From St.Ebisu (JR Line) East Exit, it takes 20min. by walk.
From St.Ebisu (Hibiya Line) No.1 Exit, it takes 20min. by walk.

Please make a reservation to visit before coming.

トリミング DogSalon BungoHills